Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1,000-Plus Line Up for 15 Las Vegas FF Jobs

So you want to be a Las Vegas Firefighter, one small piece of advice, if it not to late by now hurry! The city officials plan to limit the number of applications accepted to 1500!

Monday's line grew and snaked along the sidewalks outside the building before offices opened at 8 a.m. and the applications were accepted. It was a familiar scene for city officials, who go through the process every two years.

"We typically see about 1,800 applications in a regular year," city spokeswoman Diana Paul said. "We knew we'd have an overwhelming response."

Paul said officials knew the sagging economy would draw a lot of applications, so the department limited the number to 1,500.

As of Monday afternoon, 1,440 people had submitted applications, but officials expect to hit 1,500 in the next few days. Otherwise, the application deadline will be Oct. 16.

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