Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Become a Firefighter

The modern day Firefighter is different from the traditional roles that Firefighters followed. In addition to fire suppression, a Firefighter roles and responsibilities include technical rescue, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Hazard Materials, and extrication in motor vehicle accidents (MVA).

Step 1
Determine what type of Firefighter you want like to be. There are three basic types of Firefighters; Career, Volunteer, or Paid-On-Call (POC).
Step 2
Decide if you will pay for the FireAcademy and EMS training or find a Fire Department that will provide the training at no cost.
Step 3
Select several departments that you are eligible to work for and stop in and fill out an application. A preliminary background check is usually conducted on all applicants.
Step 4
Most Fire Departments require some form of basic skill testing. A civil service exam is also used. Prepare for the exam, hiring order is typically based of the scores on every step in the process!
Step 5
Train for a Physical Ability Test or Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) well before you submit your application.
Step 6
The interviewing process for a Firefighter is called an oral board. The oral board consists of a selected from the Chief's Staff.
Step 7
Pass a background screening and character investigation. Many departments include a psychological exam and some even include a polygraph test. Just remember to be truthful on the background investigation and record release forms.
Step 8
Typically, a medical examination and pre-employment drug screening is preceded with a conditional offer of employment. So make sure you are in excellent physical shape and do not use any tobacco products. Many departments require Firefighters to remain tobacco free during their period of employment.
Step 9
Earn NFPA Firefighter I and II certifications from a fire academy.
Step 10
Complete EMS training and receive a medical license from the state in which your employer is located.


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