Monday, April 20, 2009

How to become a Firefighter in New Hampshire

Just like in most states, in New Hampshire, there are three categories of firefighters; volunteer, paid-on-call, and permanent. The volunteer and paid-on-call departments make up around 80% of the fire departments whereas permanent or career departments make up the 20%.Like many other careers, applicants with the training and certifications that directly related to a firefighter often increase your employability.

  1. Determine the minimum requirements for the departments in which you would like to apply. Starting off as a volunteer or a paid-on-call firefighter is a great way to gain experience and training at little cost.
  2. Receive training in fire fighting and in Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
  3. Sign up for the statewide entrance exam that is offered annually in the fall. You need to sign up for this exam in March. The results from this exam are used to create a list of qualified individuals for New Hampshire Fire Departments to select from.


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