Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to become a Firefighter in Nevada

So you want to be a Firefighter in the state that is home to Sin City, Nevada! In Nevada there are six levels of certification for Firefighters. They are: Nevada Entry Level Firefighter, Nevada Firefighter I, Nevada Firefighter II, NFPA Firefighter I, NFPA Firefighter II, and NFPA Airport Firefighter. All are based off NFPA 1001-2002. To start off you need to get hired into a department that will send you through your fire and medical training or you need to pay for the training yourself.
  1. Like most states, Nevada operates with paid and volunteer firefighters. Starting off as a volunteer or paid-on-call is a great starting point. Stop in and fill out an application.
  2. Submit to a Background check.
  3. Take the written examination and Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).
  4. Take your oral board interviews with members of the department.
  5. Pass a thorough pre-employment medical examination and drug screening. Some departments do not accept applicants with tobacco use. Even smokeless!
  6. If you have no fire service training you will be sent through an academy. After completing the academy. You will have practical Skill stations and written examinations to complete to earn your certification. If you have training as a Firefighter. The department you are trying to join will prefer a Verification of Successful Completion of your Firefighter Practical Skills.
  7. Receive the required medical certifications like CPR, AED, First Aid, and EMT-B license.


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