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City of Jackson Firefighter


General Summary
Firefighters perform duties associated with the protection of life and property, including combating, extinguishing and preventing fires and providing emergency medical services.  The work entails responsibility for fire fighting duties under emergency conditions that may involve personal hazard, as well as life saving duties under emergency conditions.  Firefighters assist with code enforcement inspections, participate in training, assist with cleaning and maintenance of station, apparatus and equipment.  Firefighters are responsible for the cleanliness and operability of assigned personal protective equipment and clothing.  Work is performed in accordance with well-established routine and close supervision is received from departmental superiors. May act as Fire Motor Driver, and/or incident commander.  Work schedule currently is based on 24 hour shifts, to include weekends, nights and holidays.  Must wear uniform and maintain grooming standards as established by department policy.
Typical Duties
1.                  Checks all assigned equipment on a daily basis.
2.                  Assists in maintaining the cleanliness of all assigned facilities, apparatus and grounds on a daily basis as assigned by the company officer.
3.                  Responds to and assists at all emergency and non-emergency requests for service. 
4.                  Enters burning buildings with a hose line, operates nozzles and sprays streams of water on fire as directed. 
5.                  Operates hand fire extinguishers, chemical hose, and similar equipment to extinguish fires.
6.                  Raises, lowers and climbs ladders.
7.                  Ventilates burning buildings to carry off smoke and gases.
8.                  Removes persons from danger and gives medical assistance to injured persons.
9.                  Performs salvage operations such as throwing salvage covers, sweeping water and removing debris.  Eliminates dangerous and hazardous conditions.
10.              Uses varied hose connections in connecting hose to hydrants or pumps, joins hose sections and connects hose to nozzles.
11.              Responds to emergency medical calls and provides life support as appropriate.
12.              Assists in the testing of pumps, hose, ladders and aerial ladders, as required by the company officer.
13.              Assists with the flowing and/or inspection of hydrants as assigned.
14.              Assists with the delivery of fire prevention programs, such as company inspections, public fire safety education, school visitations, fire safety house, fire prevention week activities, open houses, etc.
15.              Performs housekeeping and grounds maintenance duties at a fire station.
16.              Drives and operates department vehicles and apparatus.
17.              Attends instruction sessions related to fire fighting, equipment operation, medical response, street and hydrant locations, fire codes and other job related topics.  Assists in the instruction of coworkers in the use of equipment and following operational procedures.
18.              Conducts inspections in accordance with applicable fire codes.
19.              Performs all other job related duties as assigned.
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by persons assigned to this classification.  Such statements are descriptive and explanatory but not restrictive.  They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all job duties performed by personnel so classified.  The listing of particular examples of duties does not preclude the assignment of other tasks of related kind or character or of lesser skills.
Minimum Qualifications and/or Requirements
1.                  High school diploma or GED equivalency.
2.                  Must possess a State of Michigan Firefighter I and II certification at the time of application and hire for the position.
3.                  Must possess current, Michigan Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification at the time of application and hire for the position (Paramedic preferred).
4.                  Valid Michigan driver’s license and excellent driving record (no more than two points on driving record)
5.                  Able to learn and remember the locations of hydrants and streets in the City of Jackson Able to learn a wide variety of fire fighting duties and methods within a reasonable period of time
6.                  Aptitude for mechanical work; some experience in work affording familiarity with mechanics
7.                  Able to perform fire fighting tasks in extreme conditions, while wearing all personal protective equipment
8.                  Able to make presentations to groups of children and/or adults
9.                  Successful candidates will also pass a post-offer physical exam and drug screen; and have a favorable employment and police background check.
10.              Preference will be given to candidates with an Associate Degree in Fire Science and/or current, valid Paramedic certification and/or work experience in the area of fire prevention and/or similar education or experience.
11.              Veterans’ preference is available in the selection process for this position.
In addition to the above requirements, all City positions require:  the ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language, as necessary for their position; the ability to follow written and oral instructions; and the ability to get along with other employees and members of the public.  City employees are also expected to possess and maintain a record of orderly, law-abiding citizenship, sobriety, integrity and loyalty as it pertains to and reflects upon their employment with the City.  Employees must be physically and mentally able to perform the essential duties of their position without excessive absences.  Must be able to lift and carry objects or drag personsweighing more than 150 pounds.  Must have normal hearing and corrected vision to 20/20 and must pass color blindness test in both eyes.  Must be able to accurately distinguish colors by sight.  Must be able to lift, stand, push and pull for extended periods of time, while working in hazardous conditions and while being exposed to chemicals and hazardous materials.
Successful candidate must have and maintain residence within 20 miles of City within one (1) year of hire date.  
Salary Schedule:  Grade 50

Step 1         Step 1 1/2      Step 2         Step 3         Step 4         Step 5
$36,000      $38,245       $40,489       $42,360      $44,423      $46,560

1L after 7 yrs              2L after 12 yrs           3L After 18 yrs
$48,585                       $49,814                     $51,074
Applicants must complete the following two-step application process:
1.   Complete a City of Jackson employment application along with official college/university transcripts or copy of request submitted to the college. Resumes will not be accepted without a completed City of Jackson application form and required documentation. Application packets are available at the City of Jackson Personnel Department, County Tower Building, 120 W. Michigan Ave., 7th Floor, Jackson, 49201, or on our website at
2.     Go to and follow the directions to schedule and complete an examination.  There is a fee for the test, however the results are accepted by all participating  agencies in Michigan. 
Deadline for application submission and successful examination completion is June 11, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.
(The City of Jackson does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, handicapped or marital status as to:  access, availability, employment, or participation in any of its programs and activities.)  Qualified minorities and women are encouraged to apply.


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