Monday, November 5, 2012

LAFD Firefighter Opening of the Firefighter Examination

Due to the City's budget situation, the anticipated opening of the Firefighter examination in the Fall of 2012 will be moved to the first quarter of 2013.
In the meantime, the LAFD is hosting Recruitment Seminars and prep programs on an ongoing basis. All recruitment seminars will cover the same basic information on the selection process, life on the job, and how to prepare. Therefore, you need attend ONLYone, if you so choose. Participation is NOT mandatory. The seminars are for general information. Gender/ethnicity-specific events will feature special guest speakers.
Please click here for a calendar of events.
To RSVP, simply click on the seminar of your choice. An automatic e-mail window will appear. (NOTE: This function does not work on mobile devices.)
  • Please include the first name, last name and e-mail address of the person(s) attending the event.
  • If you experience difficulty with this, just send an e-mail which includes the date & time of the desired seminar in the subject line.
  • You will receive a confirmation email within 3 business days. If you do not receive confirmation within that time, please follow-up via e-mail
Although we are not currently accepting applications, it is never too soon to prepare!


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