Friday, December 24, 2010

10 LinkedIn Groups Every Job Seeker Should Join

If you are out and about looking for jobs and have yet to open a linkedin account, do it now. LinkedIn although not as popular as facebook or twitter is certainly one of the best job search tools on the web for job hunters. There are many features that LinkedIn provides for jobĂ‚ seekers that other social platform usually don’t have. For example, your LinkedIn profile alone serves as an online resume. It’s hard to portray your facebook, twitter or even MySpace profile (if you still use) as an online resume. That is one of the main void in the online job search space that LinkedIn fills in. The other key aspect of using linkedin is the recommendation feature that allows others to recommend you. This gives employers and recruiters a better sense of your work ethics, skills, etc.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Virginia Beach Fire Department Hiring!

Consider a Rewarding Career with the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Join a Team of DEDICATED, COMPASSIONATE, AND HIGHLY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS. Become a Virginia Beach Firefighter!

APPLICATION DATES FOR FIREFIGHTER RECRUIT (Certified & Non-Certified): January 3-9, 2011. The Tidewater Regional Fire Academy begins in August 2011. Click on the Related Information links below for more information.

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Firefighter Applicant Disqualifiers
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Physical Agility Test
Tidewater Regional Fire Academy
A Typical Day for a Firefighter

Thursday, June 3, 2010

400 Vying for 15 FF Jobs in Alabama

The Decatur Fire and Rescue Department is increasing its staff size by 15 firefighters, and more than 400 people have already applied for the positions.
Voting Monday, the City Council unanimously accepted a $1.56 million grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The grant -- dubbed SAFER, or Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response -- will provide salaries and benefits to hire 15 additional firefighters for a period of two years.

The city must keep the positions for a minimum of one year after that, but officials say they anticipate keeping the posts permanently. "The message we want to give anybody we hire is that this is a career job, and we welcome you aboard," Fire and Rescue Chief Charlie Johnson told the council.
Johnson said the city will likely hire the new employees by September. He said training and equipping them would probably take another five to six months. Once on the job, the additional employees will increase the department's operational force to 117 members. That's enough to up the department's minimum daily staff size from 25 to 30 firefighters and the engine company size from three to four firefighters.  Read More on

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