Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to Become a Phoenix Firefighter

The City of Phoenix uses a well refined recruitment process used to hire Firefighters. The Phoenix Fire Department only accepts applications during an open recruitment period which only happens once a year for only 5 days. Once an application is submitted several steps must be successfully completed to continue the recruitment process. Scoring high on the testing and oral interviews is the only way to get your name on the eligibility list that is used to select Firefighters.

Things You'll Need:
  • 18 years or older
  • Valid Driver’s License


  1. Complete and submit an application for employment with the City of Phoenix.
  2. Study, take, and score the highest possible on the written test. Use the study guide that is given out when an application is submitted.
  3. Get your name onto the "Applicant Eligibilty List". The list is made up from the applicants who successfully complete the written test.
  4. Work on your interviewing skills and sit for the first oral board interview. Only appilcants who pass the first interview will invited back for the second. The questions asked at the first interview will be made availible to the appilcant 15 minutes before the interview.
  5. The second interview will require you to show proof of an EMT-B Liscense and successful completion of a Candidate Physical Ability Test(CPAT) within the last year.
  6. Sucessfully complete a comprehensive background investigation.
  7. Pass a medical examination, fitness exam, and pre-employment drug screening.


  • The Phoenix Fire Department has a residency requirement that must be met within 2 years of employment.
  • No tobbacco use of any form.


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